ZVLU & FSTR Take Us To Church


Quenton Narcisse

all sinners shall receive their proper comeuppance.


my family members always told us to go the church because the only way one could be forgiven for their sins was to repent. i'm not saying that's a load of shit but i'll tell you that i attended the lord's den to watch our elders bicker behind each other's back and listen to music. well, how ironic is that our wonderful intergalactic brothers ZVLU and FSTR drop Church Grooves, an eight-track EP that's groovier than any spiritual or hymn i've listened to at the house of worship. the two joined forces at the loft space, sharing their wisdom and creations to BL&D behind the scenes for months and the project has finally come fruition.

Church Grooves is a extravaganza of remixes from up and coming artists such as D.R.A.M., tropics, lulu james and more. i've been listening to dirty sprite 2 for the past 96 hours and while the intoxication has yet to wear off, CG is the perfect transition into smooth decadence after hours of turning up. trust, we've been spinning it in the loft for a few days, and it's already become our soundtrack for the summer. check out the tracklist and tape below:

Church Grooves [ZVLU MIX]
Tropics - Blame [FSTR X ZVLU MIX]
Janine And The Mixtape - When I'm Done [FSTR X ZVLU MIX]
D.R.A.M. - I Luv It Feat. Sunny X Gabe [FSTR X ZVLU MIX]
Feel Good [prod. By ZVLU]
Lulu James - Step By Step [FSTR X ZVLU MIX]
Jamie Foxx - You Changed Me Feat. Chris Brown [FSTR X ZVLU MIX]