Our Partnership with Blue Earth Compost

Events make a mess. Big events can make a huge mess. Since the inception of the KNOW GOOD Market we have wanted to be both a good neighbor and find ways for the market to be low impact. Enter Blue Earth Compost. Early on we reached out BEC to discuss our ideas and ever since they have managed our waste. They have been a great partner in helping us accomplish those goals. Their presence at KNOW GOOD and the guidance that they provide to our visitors and vendors have been crucial to our efforts to minimize our footprint. 

Through our partnership with Blue Earth Compost, we have been able to generate a significant amount of compost and recyclables while also minimizing trash bound for a landfill or incinerator. During the first four KNOW GOOD Markets of 2016 we produced 75.5 lbs of total waste. Thanks to Blue Earth Compost, 63% of that waste was recycling, 33% was compost and just 4% was non-usable trash. If we extrapolate the data using the attendance figures for the remaining three markets we estimate that during our 2016 KNOW GOOD Markets we produced 48 lbs of compost, 90 lbs of recycling and just 7 lbs of trash.

Apart from their event work, Blue Earth Compost has also been working with other homeowners and businesses of all sizes who are interested in minimizing their trash production. Since their creation in 2013, Blue Earth Compost has generated 1,003,457 lbs of compost preventing the gas equivalent of 28,670 gallons, and a CO2 equivalent of 561,935 tons from being released into the atmosphere.

If you are interested in learning more about Blue Earth Compost head to their site: http://www.blueearthcompost.com/