Aislin Editorial: Pearl Sugar

The following is a photo editorial that originally appeared in Aislin Magazine. Aislin is a new  independent, quarterly publication dedicated to showcasing new and established talent in art, fashion, writing, and music, as well as other independent groups and businesses. They are well worth your time checking out. You can also fin them in all these places>>> Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube

Final Pearl Sugar Piece-3.jpg

Pearl Sugar is the synth-pop project of Hartford, Connecticut musician Chris Bugnacki. In his debut record Alright (released April 27, 2018), Bugnacki delves deep into childhood memories and dreams to present lyrics that blur the distinction between dreamworld and reality. The stories in these songs are nothing short of cinematic. Alright is decorated with velvet-soft synths, shimmering guitars and a Roland Boutique drum machine, serving as the perfect score for his revelations and our slow dances.

Photographed by Josh Jenkins of BL&D and demuerte

Spread by Dylan Healy for Funnybone Records

Look 1. Vintage cinnamon 4-button pant suit and black Chelsea boots. 

Look 2. Demuerte wool cap, Christian Dior overcoat, vintage Honda Motors tee, blue Lee jeans and black Doc Martens.

Alright Front Cover-w.jpg

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