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VIDEO: Find Your Hartford Happy Place

Hartford is, geographically, a small city that sits roughly in the center of what is a relatively small state. Despite that it is pretty common to find that residents and outsiders alike don't know a whole lot about places and spaces that exist city wide. Personally, we thought it be better if we did know more about the space people love all around town. 

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BL&D Interview: Trash Museum

The Trash Museum is a view into the lenses of Jeff Dietz and Dan Rubenbauer. Their work provides a unique look at their surroundings and manifests as some of the most creative zines we have ever seen. Check them out on Instagram at @the_trash_museum, or pick up a copy of their newest zine, The Big E-Z.

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BL&D Interview: Parkville Studios

Parkville Studios is an upstart artist collective based in Hartford. After graduating from nearby universities, the group came together to further pursue their own artistic endeavors, collaborate with the community, and create zines. The Collective has aspirations of becoming a formal organization that will help local artists grow their craft.

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