KGM 2017 Recap Video and Infographic


We had a lot of fun last year and really hope you did too. We can't wait to get back to it. 

Some quick video shoutouts: 

Music: "Badu"-Nusnce

Film/Edit: Sam Shield


A lot has changed since the first KNOW GOOD Market pilots in the Fall of 2015. Since its inception, the Market has continued to grow in scope and in size thanks to the amazing support of dozens of vendors and thousands of guests. The upward trend of the market continued throughout 2017, which represents  some significant growth for the many small businesses that we create a marketplace for every month. Last year finished on a high with a street-wide Holiday Bazaar occupying 4 different venues with dozens of vendors and great holiday shopping for all. 

 Here are some numbers to help tell the story:

-Graphic by Sam Shield 

-Graphic by Sam Shield 

Even with all this growth, the core values of the event remain the same. The Market exists to bring Hartford together and to eat from and support small businesses. The Parkville neighborhood continues to provide the perfect atmosphere for members of the Hartford community to gather and enjoy great food, beverages, and music. We have a lot in store for 2018 and we are very excited to share more with you. Be on the look out for some news as we roll out more ideas in our KNOW GOOD space.