Announcing Our Partnership with reSET

With 2018 well underway, BL&D is excited to announce a strategic partnership with our neighbor reSET Social Enterprise Trust.  reSET prides itself on being one of the most inclusive entrepreneurial networks around.  We’ll be working with reSET to support and promote community building, entrepreneurship, and investment in our community.  We know together we can make a tangible, positive social impact in Hartford.

In some ways this is a story coming full circle.  The beginnings of Breakfast Lunch & Dinner were bubbling when two of our partners, Onyeka Obiocha and Jeff Devereux (then working on different project), met at reSET’s second ever accelerator cohort in 2013 and soon began collaborating on small projects around the city.  As BL&D’s work evolved, the partners moved from different areas of the region to live and work in Parkville.  When reSET was looking to find a space that better suited the community’s needs, we encouraged them to move to and invest in Parkville.  We are excited to now be collaborating with them to strengthen each another’s work.

reSET will continue overseeing all of their programs (Accelerator, Internship, Mentor Network and entrepreneurial support services), while we’ll now take over the space's coworking and event operations.  Please stay tuned for more updates on our collaboration and mark your calendars for the first of many new events at reSET on Sat., Feb. 27th from 7-10pm


For further information contact
Jeff Devereux

Photo by Hibba Meraay