Hartford's New Foundation Festival

For Immediate Release:

The Hooker Day is back for 2018 and now anchoring a new series of collaborative events called the Foundation Festival. 

For almost two decades, the Hooker Day Parade has provided a unique opportunity for Hartford to be itself, to think about its history, and to tell its own story. Because of that rich example, in 2018, we will spread Hooker Day's promise across a week of events. It will be a week of opportunities for us to share our stories and history, crescendoing into Hooker Day on May 12th. If you haven't been to Hooker Day before, this boisterous, fun-filled procession celebrates the capital city and the creativity and stories of its people. so get ready!

The Foundation Festival will feature Hartford’s stories in many forms: music, film, theater, dance, storytelling, spoken word, and other art forms to give people an opportunity to share their story and learn that of others. We are setting a baseline of events for telling stories in various art forms, we'll need you tell us how you want to participate, whether its playing a song, reading a poem or hosting an event, if you want to share your story or those of your neighbors, we need you. We'll soon be sharing the events that start May 6th and go to May 11th.

The week culminates in Bushnell Park on May 12th at Hooker Day. The Hartford community is invited out to share space and experience a mix of story telling genres and processions from many different community groups and organizations. 

The Festival is being hosted through a partnership of Breakfast Lunch & Dinner, & reSET. 

Supported in part by the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s United Arts Campaign with major support from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

Breakfast Lunch & Dinner
Jeff Devereux
Email: jeffrey.devereux@gmail.com

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