Niche - a new collaborative retail space - now seeking local brands

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Breakfast Lunch & Dinner is opening a collaborative retail space at 11 Whitney St. in Hartford's West End in partnership with How Bazaar. The space is being created as a platform to help get young and emerging brands off the ground here in Hartford by lowering the barrier to entry to having a beautiful brick and mortar retail space. The space will be created to be dynamic so that it can also be used for short term pop-up installations. The space, when open, will be filled with more than a dozen local designers, brands, goods, crafts, zines and wares. The space is currently being renovated, with an official opening expected early this Fall. 

We are currently seeking applicants for individuals and brands interested in the space. We are particularly looking for brands who want to be part of a collaborative environment. The details of the arrangements are still being finalized, click the button below to find out more.

Jeffrey DevereuxComment